Tottington Hall's annual Giant Vegetable Competition is approaching. The winner of the competition will win the coveted Golden Carrot Award. All are eager to protect their vegetables from damage and thievery by rabbits until the contest, and Wallace and Gromit are cashing in by running a vegetable security and humane pest control business, "Anti-Pesto". Unfortunately, Wallace seems to have a problem with gaining weight and the two can't seem to find space for the captured rabbits. Wallace soon invents the Mind Manipulation-O-Matic to simply brainwash the captured rabbits into not liking vegetables. After the machine malfunctions and fuses a rabbit to Wallace's head, they get a rabbit that has no liking for vegetables which Wallace names Hutch. That night the town gets ravaged by a were-rabbit, a large, ravenous rabbit that eats almost any vegetable. After an emergency meeting, Anti-Pesto is assigned to capture the extra large monster which may actually be another freak result of Wallace's experiment.