Dr. Audric Lightwheel is a botanist, sorcerer, & a plant scientist who was trying creating a plant that can end an intergalactic hunger, but a solar radiation change all that.

    Somehow it gave birth to the infamous Monster Minds led by their leader King SawBoss, the only way that can stop these evil plants is the Root a special plant that can stop the Minds' conquest, but Audric has been captured by SawBoss.

    So Audric seperate the Root into 2 one for him & one for his named Jason Lightwheel or Jayce as his family calls him, together with his little sister Floral "Flora" Lightwheel, his grandpa Gillian Lightwheel, Jayce's uncle, Audric's little brother, & former intergalactic guard Hercules "Herc" Stormsailor, & his robotic pal in magical shining armor Oon Knightsquire, they swore to oath by saving the universe, finding his father, & stop SawBoss & The Monster Minds' reign once and for all.