Based upon the HG Wells book"The Time Machine!"..this film

    has a different take on the story.

    Taking place in London England in 1879..A series of murders

    is being commited by "Jack The Ripper".

    The Motive for the killings is unique for 1900's that

    "The Ripper"selects prositutues for his victims.

    After disposing of his latest victim.."Jack The Ripper"..

    who is really respected surgeon John Lesley Stevenson(played

    by David Warner)heads for the home of Scientist/inventor/author/

    teacher and newspaper reporter:H.G.Wells(played by screen villian

    Malcom McDowall).

    Wells is giving a dinner party..where he plans to exhibit his

    latest invention a machine for traveling thru time.

    His fellow savants dismiss this concept as nonsense..until

    the police search the house for "The Ripper".

    After checking out Dr.Stevenson's medical bag and finding

    his bloody gloves.

    The authorities check the house but the villian has escaped.

    It is not until the police and Mr.Wells' guests have left the house

    ..that the old scientist discovers that Stevenson has used his time

    machine to flee into the future.

    Now Realizing that he must stop this madman from distroying

    the people of the future.

    Wells collects all of the monies in his home..his hat and a hip

    flask and his key to control the device.

    He travels to 1970's San Francisoco,Ca.

    Where with the aide of a beautiful banking exec Amy Robbins

    (played by actress Mary Steenburgen..who would later marry


    The pair foil the plans of Dr.Stevenson..who wants to remain

    in 1970's California and prove that he is still the master killer

    and not a rank amature.