The third feature film based on the animated series. The Rugrats and their parents are about to go on vacation on an exotic cruise, but after missing their ship, are forced to follow on a dinky boat Stu rented from the South Seas. After a tropical storm capsizes the boat and they are forced to abandon ship, they wash up on a deserted island. The island actually does have a few inhabitants though, the world famous Thornberry family, including Tommy's idol Nigel, who are currently on the island filming a documentary on a snow leopard. The two families soon wind up in a lot of trouble as Chuckie and Donnie switch outfits, Nigel winds up with amnesia making him act like a child, and Debbie and Angelica(as Angelitiki the Island Queen) sink the Thornberry's commvee. Eliza also runs into the Rugrats' dog Spike and can talk to him, as voiced by Bruce Willis. Looks like the two families are in for quite the adventure.