Everybody has a biological clock ticking away and one man's is about to go off. Famed political cartoonist Duffy Bergman has just found the love of his life in gourmet chef, Meg Lloyd. After they marry, they find that love isn't enough and want to take things to a new level as the couple try to have a baby. But the road to conception is a bumpy one and are faced with the fact they are unable to have one. Feeling disappointed, Meg continues to focus on her career and then -- just as Duffy's desire to try for children returns after his mother's death -- they find themselves drifting further apart which eventually leads to a separation. A short time later, while speaking at a Delta Gamma sorority convention, Duffy reveals that the Delta Gammas have always been his dream girls (his Love Goddesses if you will) and meets an uninhibited young Delta Gamma woman named Daphne who moves to New York to work as a network sports reporter who then sparks a new relationship for him. But on his quest for fulfillment, Duffy must decide which is more important: the relationship he left behind with Meg or the one he has always dreamed of having with Daphne.