Strit og Stumme (Dreaming of Paradise) is a Danish cartoon from 1987 with instruction by Jannik Hastrup and screenplay by Jannik Hastrup and Bent Haller,
    after the latter's book Blåfolket (The Blue people).

    The movie takes place In future where people leverage in the subsurface because of the pollution has made the Earth's surface cold and uninhabitable.

    Men's leverage in deep caves where they are slaves to the rats who now hold power, a little girl named Strit who loves his grandmother's stories about life people once had on its surface. Do not give up habent on "Paradise", said she and her friend now beginning the journey toward the surface.

    On their way they met a dumb little boy, they take with them. They get much resistance from the rats, which is mentioned by Mr. President and his General McDonald, who bullies the people's dream of paradise.