The story takes place during the vietnam war..A teenage girl

    named Kathy Wakeman(played by Valerie Bertinelli)is graduating

    from high school.

    Asside from her graduation..she is also looking forward to

    marrying Chuck Wakeman(Played by David James Carroll).

    Wakeman is a solider in the US Army..who soon after his marriage

    to Kathy..he is sent overseas to Vietnam.

    Fearful about his safty..Kathy tries to get her husband to refuse

    his tour of duty..but he accepts his mission and leaves.

    After many months..the young wife's fears come true.

    Chuck Wakeman is killed during an attack by snipers.

    The rest of the film deals with the young widow's refusal

    to leave her home at the army base and her coming to terms

    with her husband's untimely death.