Amy Irving and Billy Barty star in this classic fairy tale movie of Rumpelstiltskin.

    Rumors spread around that the miller's daughter Katie can spin straw into gold. Once King Mezzer and Queen Grizelda hear about the rumor, they both want Katie to spin straw into gold for them.

    Katie is put into a room with nothing but a chair, a spinning wheel, and a pile of straw for her. Then she recieves a visit from an elf who won't give out his name. She asks for his help on spinning the straw into gold. He helps her spin the straw into gold since she offered him something valuable. Will this be enough gold for the king and queen? Do they want more? What will happend next? Find out in this classic fairy tale from Cannon Group Inc.

    Billy Barty - Rumpelstiltskin
    Amy Irving - Katie
    John Moulder-Brown - Prince Henry
    Priscilla Pointer - Queen Grizelda
    Clive Revill - King Mezzer