In this gory thriller, a troubled dancer has just enough time to convince her little sister to hide a videotape before she is stabbed to death by an unseen killer, leaving the surviving sister in grave danger. Fortunately, a cynical but determined cop comes on the case to help her. — Sandra Brennan

    Kris Kristofferson - Joe Garvey
    Drew Barrymore - Tinsel Hanley
    Martin Landau - Frank McCay
    O.J. Simpson - Allie Wheeler
    Dey Young - Karen
    Bruce Weitz - Captain Nelson Silva
    J. Trevor Edmond - Andrew
    Maria Kelly - Mrs. Garvey
    Mike Stone - Vince
    Michael Franco - Detective
    Victoria White - Female Officer
    John Hamilton - John the Host
    Lydie Denier - Pamela Hanley
    Lilyan Chauvin - Mother Superior
    Kane Hodder - Weller
    Illana Shoshan - Joline
    Sigal Diamant - Nun
    Ksenia Prohaska - Woman on Bus