{"title":"Monster Dog","dateDebut":"1985","dateEnd":null,"description":"This \"monster dog\" horror story stars Alice Cooper as Vincent, a rock musician. Vincent's troubles first start when he goes to his childhood home to shoot a music video with his girlfriend Sandra (Victoria Vera), who is the director. Soon after arriving several gruesome murders occur, apparently caused by a pack of wild dogs. About 20 years earlier, Vincent's father was killed by a mob when they blamed him for another series of murders. At that time, his father was accused of being a werewolf and since the current murders are similar to those perpetrated in his father's day, the townspeople suspect Vincent has inherited his father's canine genes. \u00c3\u201a\u00e2\u20ac\u201d Eleanor Mannikka \r\n \r\nAlice Cooper - Vincent \r\nVictoria Vera - Sandra \r\nCarlos Sanurio - Frank \r\nPepita James - Angela \r\nEmilio Linder - Jordan \r\nJose Sarsa - Marilou \r\nLuis Maluenda - Deputy \r\nB. Barta Barri - Old Man \r\nCharlie Bravo - Townsfolk \r\nFernando Baeza - Townsfolk \r\nNino Bastida - Townfolk \r\nRicardo Palacios - Sheriff Morrison \r\nFernando Conde - Townsfolk \r\n","leadImageMedUrl":null}