{"title":"Dracula: Dead And Loving It","dateDebut":"1995","dateEnd":null,"description":"Mel Brooks does it again with this send-up of vampire films. That Leslie Nielson plays the great blood-sucking count gives viewers a good idea as to what they are in for. This Dracula takes himself very seriously despite the fact that he's a bit of a klutz with a tendency to slip in the bat guano that adorns his castle floor. Staying very close to Bram Stoker's original story, Brooks also pays sly homage to other major vampire film classics, including Nosferatu. Though silly but subtle gags abound in this outing, Brooks has taken great care to recreate the late 19th-century atmosphere in rich detail and harkens back to Hammer horror movies popular during the '50s and '60s. \u00ef\u00bf\u00bd \r\n.ACTORS\r\nLeslie Nielsen - Dracula \r\nPeter MacNicol - Renfield \r\nSteven Weber - Jonathan Harker \r\nAmy Yasbeck - Mina \r\nLysette Anthony - Lucy \r\nHarvey Korman - Dr. Seward \r\nElaine Ballace - Ballroom Guest \r\nSharon Savoy - Speciality Dancer \r\nAudrey Baranishyn - Ballroom Dancer \r\nJeffrey Broadhurst - Ballroom Dancer \r\nPhillip Connery - Ship Captain \r\nLeslie S. Sachs - Usherette \r\nJennifer Crystal - Nurse \r\nMegan Cavanaugh - Essie \r\nMatthew Porretta - Handsome Lieutenant at Ball \r\nDavid Savoy - Speciality Dancer \r\nRic Coy - Intern \r\nBen Livingston - Young Lover at Picnic \r\nLoraine Shields - Villager \r\nSonje Fortag - Villager \r\nLisa Cordray - Hat Check Girl \r\nAlton Ruff - Ballroom Dancer \r\nNick Rempel - Crewman \r\nKaren Roe - Blond Vampire \r\nJim Peace - Ballroom Dancer \r\nThea Nielsen - Ballroom Guest \r\nJude Van Wormer - Ballroom Dancer \r\nSandra Rovetta - Ballroom Dancer \r\nRichard Alan Stewart - Intern \r\nTed Sprague - Ballroom Dancer \r\nKevin Crawford - Ballroom Dancer \r\nDarla Haun - Brunette Vampire \r\nCindy Marshall-Day - Young Lover at Picnic \r\nJohn Frayer - Ballroom Dancer \r\nBarbaree Earl - Ballroom Guest \r\nMaura Nielsen - Ballroom Guest \r\nDelores Nemiro - Ballroom Dancer \r\nTricia McFarlin-Mattson - Ballroom Dancer \r\nGrinnell Morris - Intern \r\nAnne McVey - Ballroom Dancer \r\nAlan Walls - Ballroom Dancer \r\nKathleen Kane - Villager \r\nZale Kessler - Orchestra Leader \r\nHenry Kaiser - Villager \r\nSandy Johnson - Ballroom Dancer \r\nChuck McCann - Innkeeper \r\nCasey King - Crewman \r\nDerek Mark Lochran - Villager \r\nTommy Koenig - Intern \r\nJody Peterson - Ballroom Dancer \r\nMark Blankfield - Martin \r\nCharlie Callas - Man in Straightjacket \r\nCarol Arthur - Villager \r\nTony Griffin - Crewman \r\nVince Grant - Intern \r\nMegan Cavanagh - Essie \r\nDavid DeLuise - Intern \r\nJohnny Cocktails - Intern \r\nBlane Savage - Ballroom Dancer \r\nIra Miller - Villager \r\nDennon Rawles - Ballroom Dancer \r\nShirley Kirkes - Ballroom Dancer \r\nEzio Greggio - Coach Driver \r\nStan Mazin - Ballroom Dancer \r\nGregg Binkley - Woodbridge \r\nManette LaChance - Ballroom Dancer \r\nCherie Franklin - Peasant on Coach \r\nClive Revill - Sykes \r\nRobin Shepard - Ballroom Guest \r\nStephen Wolfe Smith - Intern \r\nAvery Schreiber - Peasant Couple in Coach \r\nRudy de Luca - Guard \r\nMichael Connors - Intern \r\nMaud Winchester - Ballroom Guest \r\nMel Brooks - Dr. Abraham Van Helsing \r\nAnne Bancroft - Gypsy \r\n","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/87a1e51367bbc6b4c5f5bab77c35e5a627f76cd986b4ebca5c69ec94e5f48cf86f535840126b15\/image\/d33_a806203fb1__951859dbae.jpg"}