{"title":"the beachcombers","dateDebut":"1972","dateEnd":"1990","description":"The Beachcombers followed the life of Nick Adonidas (Bruno Gerussi), a Greek-Canadian log salvager in British Columbia who earned a living travelling the coastline northwest of Vancouver tracking down logs that had broken away from logging barges. His chief business competitor is Relic (Robert Clothier), a somewhat unsavoury person who will occasionally go to great lengths to steal business (and logs) away from Nick. The series also focused on a supporting cast of characters in Nick's hometown of Gibsons, often centering around a caf\u00c3\u00a9, Molly's Reach, run by Molly (Rae Brown), a mother figure to virtually all the characters in the series (including Relic). Molly had two grandchildren living with her, Hughie (Bob Park) and his younger sister Margret (Nancy Chapple).\r\nDuring the run of the series, storylines became more complex as the characters developed. Many episodes focused on Nick's Greek heritage.\r\nThe series' title was shortened to Beachcombers for its final season (with the CBC announcing that the intent was to give the aging show a fresh new look). Subsequent funding cutbacks at the government-supported CBC, however, led to Beachcombers being cancelled despite the fact that it was still popular in its homeland and had been syndicated around the world.\r\nMusic for the long running series was composed and orchestrated by the well known Canadian composer & producer Bobby Hales.\r\nThe show was an active window into Canada's multicultural heritage. Gerussi's character, Nick Adonidas, as noted, was a Greek, and Clothier's character, Relic, was of Welsh ancestry. Other characters included Nick's Native business partner and friend Jesse Jim (Pat John), and RCMP Constable John Constable (Jackson Davies).\r\nDavies and John were the only original cast members who starred in the show's follow-up TV movie The New Beachcombers, produced in 2002, which was an unsuccessful pilot for a revived series. By this time, Gerussi, Clothier and Brown had all died. A sequel, A Beachcomber's Christmas, was also produced, though this too failed to spark a new series\r\n","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/5bc5fbba2ace281f7cfc65d54f366ecda03597a89e9fe37f75cd6c9810e86bb15c0b2f1ba1a180\/image\/982_a2915ad0d5.jpg"}