{"title":"Freaky Stories","dateDebut":"1997","dateEnd":"1999","description":"Started in 1997, the series created by Steve Schnier centers around the kind of myths and legends that are told as scary campfire or bedtime stories. Every episode always starts with and finishes with the phrase: \"This is a true story, and it happened to friend of a friend of mine.\" and by the words of Larry, \"Just because they never happened, doesn't mean they ain't true.\"\r\n\r\nSome famous episodes of Freaky Stories tell the story of:\r\n\r\na family that goes to Mexico and brings home a pet thinking it's a chihuahua, but really a sewer rat. \r\na teenager who has a spider nest in her unwashed hair. \r\na man with a telescope who calls the police to look at something horrible he found through his telescope across the street. \r\na pizza delivery man who enters a house to eat pizza with a lady and finds out he's going to be killed by her. \r\na teenager who is babysitting children and a visit by a lady who says she is a relative of the chidren, who is actually a relative, but a dead one. \r\na woman and her son who throw a backyard party for the neighborhood, and the people discover that the family cat has eaten the salmon that was prepared for the party, and subsequently died. \r\na woman who wants to lose weight for a beauty pageant buys a new mysterious diet pill, on the condition that she must not drink water for the duration of the diet. As she's about to go on stage for the pageant, she develops a case of the hiccups, and is unable to stop herself from drinking several gallons of water. She soon discovers that the diet pill was actually filled with several tiny sponges, which soak up the water and cause her to bloat uncontrollably. \r\n","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/4312113636bf04f8bb3bb9a726f1c31b808ea55631d6e2c3ba08a9b327a87682448d2a9b734aa4\/image\/39a_eaa32c96f6.jpg"}