{"title":"WWF Wrestling Challenge","dateDebut":"1986","dateEnd":"1996","description":"Wrestling Challenge was the \"B\" show of the WWF's syndicated programming, behind WWF Superstars of Wrestling. The show was typical of televised wrestling fare of the era: Matches pitting top tier and mid-level talent vs. jobbers; pre-taped interviews with the WWF's roster of superstars; and promos featuring the wrestlers. At times, there was a \"feature\" match between main WWF talent.\r\n\r\n","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/efad2cc36e333eaf104c83331f1d83a4e564a510d0d0bf5e1a0ba373c2ea2e89b5fc01bad3b039\/image\/9cc_61b3faf77e.jpg"}