{"title":"Roman Holidays","dateDebut":"1972","dateEnd":"1973","description":"The Roman Holidays is a Hanna-Barbera animated television series that was broadcast in 1972 on NBC. It ran for 13 episodes before being cancelled. Very similar in theme to both The Flintstones and The Jetsons, The Roman Holidays brought a look at \"modern-day\" life in Ancient Rome, around 63 A.D. (with a 1970s touch), as seen through the eyes of Augustus \"Gus\" Holiday and his family. In this half-hour animated sitcom, Gus, his wife Laurie, their daughter Precocia (who, besides being the youngest of the family, is very intellectual) and their teen-aged son Happius, resided in the Venus de Milo Arms, where their landlord was Mr. Evictus.\r\n\r\nGus worked for a bossy supervisor named Mr. Tycoonius at the Forum Construction Company, and after a hard day's marble lifting, he would be greeted by the Holiday's pet, a lion named Brutus.\r\n\r\nDave Willock as Gus \r\nShirley Mitchell as Laurie \r\nPamelyn Ferdin as Precocia \r\nStanley Livingston as Happius \r\nDaws Butler as Brutus \r\nDom DeLuise as Mr. Evictus \r\nJohn Stephenson as Mr. Tycoonius \r\nJudy Strangis as Groovia (Happius' girlfriend) \r\nHarold Peary as Herman (Groovia's father) \r\nJanet Waldo as Henrietta (Groovia's mother)","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/6163bd498a0c6847e5c3fd9dcdd1b0d3bf8c2fa849e32ef0a19592d9aae2f38875164a00c090a6\/image\/1a1_02b7109802.jpg"}