{"title":"Vytor: The Starfire Champion","dateDebut":"1989","dateEnd":"1989","description":"Storyline: Join Vytor, Skyla and their friends, as they battle the evil Myzor Sarcophogus for the ultimate power- The Starfire Ring! A legacy of legends, Civilization had done what man had always dreamed of doing, established a world of total peace. Then the greedy King of War, Myzor Sarcophogus, sought to capture the power of the Saturn Orb. He built a hidden fortress in the fiery heart of a living volcano, trained his secret army and then struck. In a single lightning moment, the peace was shattered. \r\n Young Vytor, armed with the mystical weapons of justice, accepts the greatest of all challenges: to battle Myzor in the heart of his evil fortress, to reclaim the Saturn Orb and to restore peace. For the first time, Vytor was filled with a sense of purpose and vision. His destiny, with the magic shield to protect him and the beautiful Skyla by his side, was to be... The Starfire Champion!\r\n\r\nCharacters: Vytor, Altair, Myzor, Trion, Chief Eldor, Baboose, Targil, Skyla, Windchaser, Dredlock, Air Mutoid Warrior, Land Mutoid Warrior, Lyria.\r\n\r\nCredited cast: \r\nAllison Argo .... Baboose \r\nPeter Cullen .... Myzor, Chief Eldor \r\nPat Fraley .... Windchaser, Air Mutoid Warrior, Land Mutoid Warrior \r\nLiz Georges .... Skyla\/Lyria \r\nMichael Horton .... Vytor \r\nNeil Ross .... Targil \r\n","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/1458cc02351d0987cf4be1c3774b51ae146b72afbeb21f542d7609cc27fa09847e1653e62bcf05\/image\/8f5_8ea72b1552.jpg"}