{"title":"Interview with the Vampire","dateDebut":"1994","dateEnd":null,"description":"A night in San Francisco, during our time: A young journalist follows a man through the streets and they end up in an anonymous room. When the journalist starts to interview the man, the stranger tells him that he is a vampire, being over 200 years old. The journalist doesn't believe him, but after the man proves it's true, he tells his story: His name is Louis and in 18th century New Orleans he was 24, by this time owner of an estate and a widower already. One night, when he once again was destroying himself by drinking and other things, he was found by Lestat, a vampire, who bit him. But even after becoming a vampire, life wasn't fun for Louis until one night he met a little girl, Claudia, who should change his existance forever","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/e8cdc75c2a98a06de28d932b5a0409d899e9eb9c71cbbc5254dc4ef0c699c48d399654cd194854\/image\/b1f_2996962656__a97ea3db45.jpg"}