{"title":"Super Dave: Daredevil For Hire","dateDebut":"1992","dateEnd":"1993","description":"The famous Super Dave Osbourne is the 'World's Greatest Stuntman and Daredevil-For-Hire' who takes on larger-than-life impossible missions. With his sidekick inventor and equipment maven Fuji, 'Super' is ready to face any adversity. But he is both overconfident and underskilled -- leading to bungled assignments -- and him getting comically bent, mangled or folded in the process causing him to utter his signature phrase: 'New pain!' But somehow he always manages to complete his mission -- prior to entering the hospital. ('I'm fine -- just pour me in a jar')","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/e7348f18b1b2c75a33566600ccd1af3d4b79ef0eab268614b15e09c30ce6d1ddc039a6c47f8f9b\/image\/Oxmc8M3v2bKrCBjjQQbj4.jpeg_md.jpeg"}