{"title":"Spider-Man (1967)","dateDebut":"1967","dateEnd":"1970","description":"This was the first animated series featuring a Marvel superhero. The series was created by Krantz Animation. In the first season, it featured the adventures of Spider-Man combating both his comic book enemies as well as original villains such as the Fly Twins & Dr. Noah Boddy. The second season took on a weird fantasy angle in which Spider-Man faced against supernatural & interdimensional fiends. The second season actually used bits from a forgotten Sci-Fi cartoon show \"Rocket Robin Hood\".","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/43b89b7e9779f4911481cf02135b643cbf979167710c3a2e5a262225e7282db86b37a2d7bc0974\/image\/ApULz02F6rU925WKLQLY6_md.jpg"}