{"title":"Tourist Trap","dateDebut":"1979","dateEnd":null,"description":"Directed by David Schmoeller (the creator who brought you the original \"Puppet Master\"), \"Tourist Trap\" stars Chuck Connors (\"Soylent Green\") and Tanya Roberts (\"Charlie's Angels\" T.V. series). The plot concerns a group of youths who decide to take a summer afternoon drive, only to find themselves stranded, at, the 'Lost Oasis' wax museum owned by the mysterious Mr. Slausen. Little do they know that there is more to this attraction than just a bunch of creepy mannequins as they meet up with the deranged Plasterface! One by one, they become trapped in a nightmare of murder and madness!\r\n\r\nWith some obvious inspirations to Tobe Hooper's, \"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre\", \"Tourist Trap\" is a classic 'B movie that was considered a box-office failure, probably due to the fact that it merited a PG rating. However, years later, it was changed to 'R, much to Mr. Schmoeller's satisfaction. The opening sequence is one of the most amazing and frightening scenes ever filmed in a motion picture! During production, a cabinet had to be nailed to the ceiling, while crew members would simply drop objects downward from above. In the movie, it gave the illusion that objects were actually flying straight out. One of the greatest low-budget horror pieces of all time and also Stephen King's favorite movie! For those who aren","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/1ef254090938f393c535be52a417c840ff1c67d44bd5bf8ac470e00f0179b5e322ba2d6cea46f1\/image\/314_a6e45e77e2__1b9f38268c.jpg"}