{"title":"WWE SmackDown!","dateDebut":"1999","dateEnd":"9999","description":"WWE Smackdown premiered on UPN in 1999. Originally airing on Thursday nights SmackDown! moved to Friday Nights in 2005 but moved back to Thursday nights in 2014 in which it currently airs now on SYFY and currently operates as the rival brand to Monday Night Raw.\n\nHere are the current champions:\nWWE World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus\nUnited States Champion: Alberto Del Rio\nWWE Divas Champion: Charlotte (Ashley Flair)\nWWE Tag Team Champions: New Day Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)\nIntercontinental Champion: Kevin Owens","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/f14ca57df2a3cf3bcc2f350a1a87b579f597fb769ace5e8b1579ba04bd0240b3c98cac40ea76c7\/image\/3o2003qCOxU8Xh108t5P6_md.jpg"}