{"title":"Raising Arizona","dateDebut":"1987","dateEnd":null,"description":"A movie directed by the Cohen Brothers found to be one of their first breakthrough films in 1987. \r\n\r\nH.I., a repeat offender knows his life is destined to the slammer, until he meets Edwina... his wife, who happens to be an officer in his \"residential\" prison. After he is paroled, they marry... only to find out that Ed can't have children. In leiu of this major disappointment, they find out that Nathan Arizona, owner of \"Unpainted Arizona\"(largest chain of unpainted furniture in the state of Arizona) just had quintuplets with his wife.\r\n\r\nThe comedy begins when both H.I. and Ed decide to sneak and kidnap one of the little babies from the Arizona household crib...","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/d8f9fc2a7d33645bfbd548f92509fb664cb81ea9946d1f5b0f4111897ce2112d9f81a55279c03f\/image\/9df_f1d64c6c9d__4b440313d7.jpg"}