{"title":"Space Academy","dateDebut":"1977","dateEnd":"1978","description":"Set in 3732 in space, the \"Space Academy\" is a learning facility for older youth to teach them skills needed in space. This is series had \"Jason of Star Command\" as a companion spin-off\/serial that starred James Doohan and John Russell.\r\nOther \"Space Academy\" notables were:\r\nJohn Berwick, Pamelyn Ferdin, Brian Tochi, Maggie Cooper, Rick Carrott, Ty Henderson, Eric Greene, a cameo by Robbie the Robot, Mother Nature (from the butter commercials) and veteran \"Lost In Space\" actor, the late, Jonathan Harris.\r\nThis was a FILMATION 1\/2 hour show produced by Lou Scheime & Norm Prescott, The original concept was from writer, Ted Pedersen.","leadImageMedUrl":null}