{"title":"The Kwicky Koala Show","dateDebut":"1981","dateEnd":"1982","description":"Cartoon pioneer Tex Avery was lured out of retirement in 1979 to create a new cartoon for old colleagues William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Avery's dream was a return to the unbridled zaniness of his earlier MGM work. His creation was Quicky (later renamed Kwicky) Koala, a zippy little Aussie marsupial who could teleport out of harm's way. Unfortunately, Avery died before his final creation could be launched. The Kwicky Koala Show premiered in 1981, a year after Avery's death, with four weekly segments: \n\nKwicky Koala followed the eucalyptus-eating title creature as he eluded the pursuit of Wilfred Wolf. \n\nCrazy Claws was a wildcat with Groucho Marx voice and eyebrows. Skunk-capped Rawhide Clyde and his wicked mutt Bristletooth tried to catch Crazy Claws, who escaped from trouble with a combination of razor-sharp claws and insulting banter. Wimpy Ranger Rangerfield pursued Clyde and Bristletooth, with no more success than they had catching Crazy Claws. \n\nDirty Dawg and his chum Ratso lived in a city garbage dump, fighting the man (in the form of police officer Bullhorn) while trying to get a meal. \n\nThe Bungle Brothers was actually a series of one-minute fillers between the other three segments. The Brothers, George and John, were a pair of beagles who desperately wanted to be stars. Their ill-fated shots at fame always failed spectacularly. \n\nWithout Avery's guiding hand, the show lasted only one season on CBS, a final tribute to one of animation's great talents.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/a8b8d489345b24278d99b6f6792691ec7d603dd261009835d232cbf63e5535ef4c857283d64c5f\/image\/e4d_c1fcffd51e.jpg"}