{"title":"Archie Bunker's Place","dateDebut":"1979","dateEnd":"1983","description":"Television sitcom which was a spin-off from 'All in the Family.' In this series, Archie Bunker gets to loudly voice his opinions in his own bar, instead of at home.\r\nTwo years earlier, conservative bigot Archie Bunker purchased his favorite hangout, Kelsey's Place, from its ailing owner; he renamed it Archie's Place. He owned the bar in partnership with Jewish partner Murray Klein. As before, many of the episodes revolved around Archie's opinions and viewpoints of the world. Most of the action took place at Archie's Place, though his wife, Edith, was still seen on occassion; more frequently seen were his niece, Stephanie Mills (whom Archie and Edith took in a year earlier after her father abandoned her). The biggest change came in the fall of 1980, when Edith died suddenly of a stroke. \r\n\r\nCAST:\r\nCarroll O'Connor - Archie Bunker \r\nJean Stapleton - Edith Bunker \r\nDanielle Brisebois - Stephanie Mills \r\nMartin Balsam - Murray Klein \r\nDenise Miller - Billie Bunker \r\nAllan Melvin - Barney Hefner \r\nJason Wingreen - Harry Snowden \r\nBarbara Meek - Ellen Canby \r\nBill Quinn - Mr. Van Ranseleer \r\nAbraham - Alvarez Jose \r\nAnne Meara - Veronica Rooney \r\n\r\n\r\n ","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/8f9ebfdf7fb9eed1716815d5fc0564e534dfb31f0e0e2feeee654e2a946f0a08acc19b3f96b19f\/image\/252_5b5c37f449.jpg"}