{"title":"Spriggan","dateDebut":"1998","dateEnd":null,"description":"Deep in the Ararat Mountains of Turkey, a secret organization known as ARCAM has found what is believed to be Noah's Ark. However, the U.S. Machine Corps., a rogue organization of the Pentagon, wants to take over the Ark as a means of global supremacy. Only a special ARCAM operative known as a Spriggan stands in their way. Japanese Spriggan Yu Ominae teams up with French Spriggan Jean-Jacques Mondo to combat members of the U.S. Machine Corps. led by Col. MacDougall\u2014a genetically-enhanced boy with deadly psionic powers. However, they must act fast and stop MacDougall before he uses the Ark for his own agenda.\n\n[JP] \u30b9\u30d7\u30ea\u30ac\u30f3\n\nProduced by Studio 4\u00b0C.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/face54948d3ba7c5bc112f76bb70e799fac13472239b96bfe182ab7e8967601bab6da3adfb2c5a\/image\/8IcY12nORncL10gCRnKiX.jpeg_md.jpeg"}