{"title":"Growing Pains","dateDebut":"1985","dateEnd":"1992","description":"Dr. Jason Seaver is a psychiatrist who works at home because his wife, Maggie, has gone back to work. So it's Jason's turn to supervise the kids: Mike, 15, more interested in having a good time than in respon- sibility; Carol, 13, the smart one; and Ben, 9, no slouch himself at getting into scrapes. Dad was always available with sage advice, while Mom, who had become a reporter for the Long Island Herald, rushed off to work.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/0ff58b93263a5d1d14ab0c8cac241cb970e82aa9a6be7f426fac6dda6ae436fc4f3b257b4e07d7\/image\/b6d_6e4e57e5aa.jpg"}