{"title":"Heavy Metal 2000","dateDebut":"2000","dateEnd":null,"description":"When Tyler (Michael Ironside) discovers what could be a legendarily evil entity, he transforms into a power-hungry warlord bent on conquering death. After traveling to a distant planet that may hold the key to his plans, Tyler wipes out most of a colony's peaceful inhabitants. Only Julie (Julie Strain Eastman), a formidable female warrior, is left behind. Vowing revenge, Julie sets out to find Tyler with the help of a mysterious alien (Billy Idol) who may have a plan of his own.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/f2c7c508df6c1b0a2d41bad15baffa10a3e83bc504422660a279db8db0f01c6c60d335fe5f1b6d\/image\/CO8yERDzN1s65B3Qgjtq6.jpeg_md.jpeg"}