{"title":"Over The Top","dateDebut":"1987","dateEnd":null,"description":"Lincoln Hawk is a struggling trucker who's trying to rebuild his life. After the death of his ex-wife, he tries to make amends with his son who he left behind years earlier. Upon their first meeting, his son doesn't think too highly of him until he enters the nation-wide arm wrestling competition in Las Vegas.\r\n\r\n\"Winner\" of two Golden Raspberry (Razzie) Awards, including Worst Supporting Actor - David Mendenhall and Worst New Star - David Mendenhall.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/bc3d7d9b6a2448ee4f0c81b6f8fa4197325b7534fb46b9efd81cc05b2e2840b73c80d5e6c4d8ab\/image\/93e_311864ecae__0bdf6e5dc8.jpg"}