{"title":"Freddy's Nightmares","dateDebut":"1988","dateEnd":"1990","description":"One of the most unforgettable anti-heroes from the \u0093decade of bad taste\u0094 plays a kind of unconvincing Alfred Hitchcock as he introduces \u0093his\u0094 worst nightmares to our very living rooms\u0085or computers nowadays. The show\u0092s episodes were around an hour and, most of the time, featured a two-tier story. After an introduction by Kruger, for example, you might see a degenerate son fear the arrival of his father who\u0092s just escaped from prison, then after a subtle bridge narration, that very son could be father himself who unknowingly adopts a child from hell\u0085literally. Several fictional characters made more than one appearance throughout the life of the program. This show also opened the door for several \u0093unknown-at-the-time\u0094 actors and actresses, like Brad Pitt. ","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/0011af36ef7e4ef87eac57b0a067f70d17d7f7420e38e8bfcbf0e87650e8dd20a3df6aee6fc893\/image\/b2c_5ad2eb46c0.jpg"}