{"title":"MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch","dateDebut":"1998","dateEnd":"9999","description":"In this claymation series boxing and wrestling become one with no rules involved except one: A celebrity has to die. Or both celebrities fighting in a deathmatch could die, which did often happen. The show was very popular and thrived in the days of Tom Green and other MTV memorables. The show also became a hit video game and let the fans get in on the bloody action! in 2005 the show went back on the air on mtv and mtv 2.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/d9e5f9821a1ce081ede58558d648053a8be02c1a203948a055b4e301c00abed6f15b39099337ba\/image\/y3P30fH4Xe3gS53qKRhvo_md.png"}