{"title":"SantApprentice","dateDebut":"2006","dateEnd":"2006","description":"Every 163 years, it's time to find a replacement for Santa Claus. The rule is that any Santa should retire after 178 years of good and loyal service. 15 years before Santa leaves, the Christmas elves go out to find the ideal candidate for the position. It must be an orphan called Nicolas who is pure of heart. This is how Nicolas Barnworth is whisked out of Australia and brought to the North Pole. He has 15 years to learn the tricks of the \u201cSanta Claus\u201d trade. He needs to master such skills as dropping down chimney flues, driving the sleigh, delivering gifts, and inventing new toys. Nicolas will discover that Santa has a lot on his plate, each and every day and not only at the end of the year! Luckily Humphrey, the chief elf, Waldorf, the reindeer, Tim-Tim and Nic-Nac, the Eskimo kid twins and Rufus, the little polar bear, are more than ready to help!","leadImageMedUrl":"http:\/\/distro-1.retrojunk.com\/secure\/aad9d101845ed179316c6b4afd76fd0c1887b8957acb6591a13e179a355b30cd2c2800\/image\/RGepT2c2B8sN1EhwD89f4_md.png"}