{"title":"Sin City","dateDebut":"2005","dateEnd":null,"description":"Sin City, also known as Frank Miller's Sin City, is a 2005 American crime action thriller film written, produced and directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. It is a neo-noir based on Miller's graphic novel series of the same name.\n\nThe film is primarily based on the first, third, and fourth books in Miller's original comic series. The Hard Goodbye: About a man who embarks on a brutal rampage in search of his one-time sweetheart's killer, killing anyone, even the police, that gets in his way of finding and killing her murderer; The Big Fat Kill: Focuses on a street war between a group of prostitutes and a group of mercenaries, the police, and the mob; and That Yellow Bastard: Follows an aging police officer who protects a young woman from a grotesquely disfigured serial killer. The intro and outro of the film are based on the short story \"The Customer is Always Right\", which is collected in Booze, Broads & Bullets, the fifth book in the comic series.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/6a41abec3ec7f5a9f3b8686c7d5c590fca7b9354ab44baaeb9933a558df15369afebda3c144116\/image\/x1f0gZmQn5c4D8uWMxNnA_md.jpg"}