{"title":"Jeepers Creepers II","dateDebut":"2003","dateEnd":null,"description":"Three days after the events of the first film Billy Taggart assists his father by erecting scarecrows in the corn field. After inspecting one of the scarecrows he noticed that it had clawed feet. When the scarecrow suddenly comes to life he runs back towards the farm to call for help, but is intercepted by the scarecrow. As his father, Jack Taggart Sr, and his older brother, Jack Taggart Jr, get closer, the scarecrow leaps into the air with Billy, and flies off into the sky.\n\nThe following day (\"Day 23\"), a school bus carrying a high school basketball team and cheerleaders back from the state championships suffers a blowout. On closer inspection, the tire has been torn apart by a hand-crafted weapon made of bone fragments. Back on the Taggart farm, Jack finds a small knife left by the Creeper with the help of their dog. When his father inspected the knife it inexplicably flew out of his hand and into a nearby lamp. The group soon learns the mysterious Creeper is not yet dead...","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/86173eb098ca09a858aaf17ade304143d2d1076d352c9045f1af712e540877b7f94f51d83ed00c\/image\/1P4S30wGlWAL16SES3Y7B_md.jpg"}