{"title":"Rocky Balboa","dateDebut":"2006","dateEnd":null,"description":"Rocky Balboa, in his late fifties and retired from boxing for sixteen years, lives a quiet life as a widower; his wife Adrian Pennino Balboa had died from cancer in 2002. He runs a small but very successful Italian restaurant named after her, where he regales his patrons with stories of his past. He also battles personal demons involving his grief over Adrian's death, the changing times, and his eroding relationship with his son Robert, a struggling corporate employee. Paul \"Paulie\", Rocky's brother-in-law and longtime friend, continues to support him whenever he can. Rocky soon meets an older \"Little\" Marie, now a bartender with a teenage son who encourages Rocky that he should get back into a new fight against Mason \"The Line\" Dixon in a charity match to help boost his popularity.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/1674f2659a983d9b3761049e3941a928c19f7fdac6aeabacd87db22f877c593bb4f5f854d6a03a\/image\/b858bd02d9d555bf307a7a85d872efc9_md.jpg"}