{"title":"Great Performances","dateDebut":"1972","dateEnd":"9999","description":"PBS TV series showcasing the performing arts. The series is the longest running performing arts anthology on television, as opposed to a program like Hallmark Hall of Fame, which presents only adaptations of plays and novels as well as made-for-TV films. Great Performances presents concerts, ballet, opera, an occasional documentary such as Toscanini: The Maestro, and plays. The series has also won many television awards, including an Emmy Award, a Peabody Award and an Image Award, with nods from the Directors Guild of America and the Cinema Audio Society.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/2c468782b711daa65b8e70e661d1ef12a08c78bfca3330dc7cb12b35e4e8b6b804a5f37a050a9c\/image\/ae2af2d982ed78466c39805d6e9e3159_md.jpg"}