{"title":"Jackie Chan Adventures","dateDebut":"2000","dateEnd":"2005","description":"Based on fictionalized version of film-maker Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan is an amateur archaeologist living above his uncle's antique shop in San Francisco, California when he comes across a magical artifact in a hidden treasure room of a Bavarian castle. This brings him to the attention of Captain Augustus Black, who is in charge of a secret governmental organization known as Section 13, as well as the criminal organization known as the Dark Hand, led by Valmont. The artifact he found is a shield, which contains one talisman from a set of twelve. This sets Jackie, his uncle (Uncle), his niece (Jade), and allies on many adventures involving magic, danger, and often the fate of the world itself.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/cad998e281baa9f714044c2bb4a4e2e175192798eb404f6781e14dcedc85909ef24d78bd2b3dc8\/image\/e218a6679d6d33ac6d5fbd45ea7a2c79_md.jpg"}