{"title":"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King","dateDebut":"2003","dateEnd":null,"description":"Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Th\u00e9oden, Gamling, and \u00c9omer meet up with Merry, Pippin and Treebeard at Isengard. The group returns to Edoras, where Pippin looks into Saruman's recovered palant\u00edr, in which Sauron appears and invades his mind; Pippin tells him nothing regarding Frodo and the Ring. From this event, Gandalf deduces that Sauron is planning to attack Minas Tirith. Gandalf rides with Pippin to find Denethor, the Steward of Gondor, to whom Pippin swears his service. Gandalf urges Denethor to call Rohan for aid, but Denethor declines, fearing Aragorn and Gandalf plan to depose him. The Morgul army, led by the Nazg\u00fbl, drives the Gondorians out of Osgiliath. Denethor sends his son Faramir on a suicide mission to reclaim the city. Under instruction from Gandalf, Pippin evades city guards to light the distress beacon, signalling Th\u00e9oden and Aragorn to assemble the Rohirrim for battle. Elrond informs Aragorn that Arwen did not go to the Undying Lands, and is now dying. Believing their forces to be outnumbered by Sauron's, Elrond gives Aragorn the sword And\u00faril to acquire the service of the Army of the Dead, who owe allegiance to the heir of Isildur. \u00c9owyn confesses her love for Aragorn and asks him not to go, but Aragorn reaffirms his love for Arwen and heads into battle. Accompanied by Legolas and Gimli, Aragorn ventures into the Paths of the Dead and gains the loyalty of the King of the Dead and his men by brandishing And\u00faril, proving himself the Heir of Isildur. At Dunharrow, Th\u00e9oden rides off to war, unaware that \u00c9owyn and Merry have secretly joined his forces.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/a3e5108e1c74dabe4863fe8175b96ec6c3f351adf55c16c2304fed8e8759b7c4896eb9da5bb1d9\/image\/fbf277f45dbdd8c9df0b64c22916c2e8_md.jpg"}