{"title":"The Proud Family","dateDebut":"2001","dateEnd":"2005","description":"The Proud Family is an American animated television sitcom that ran on the Disney Channel from September 21, 2001 to December 31, 2005. The Proud Family was created by Bruce W. Smith and was produced by Jambalaya Studios. Originally piloted for Nickelodeon, it was eventually picked up by the Disney Channel and started airing in September 2001. Many of the later episodes of The Proud Family were produced using Adobe Flash. The series is the first Disney children's cartoon which did not premiere on network\/over-the-air television, which had been done since 1984 when the Television Animation unit was started. It marked the first animated Disney Channel Original Series, and, incidentally, the only original animated series from Disney Channel not associated with, and to be produced exclusively by Disney's Television Animation arm.\n\nThe series is about a girl named Penny Proud. She is the adopted white girl in an all black family, so as you can imagine, she has a lot of trouble trying to fit in. The biggest foil in her life has to be her father, who seems to have no clue how white teenagers work. She also faces issues at school from her multicultural friends and the widely varied populace of her town.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/be0104931f3c479cfbe550671ae272d580a31ed5e2a0fd47ba64e9ce836c01b6298bc43bdb3cca\/image\/c9ddf5580bbed14bc85a361050c067b8_md.jpg"}