{"title":"6teen","dateDebut":"2004","dateEnd":"2011","description":"6teen is an animated sitcom for children, pre-teens, and teenagers. The plots take place almost entirely in a gigantic shopping mall. The mall could be based on any big mall in Canada and some fans suspect West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Alberta but as there are frequent references to the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team and none for the Edmonton Oilers, The Eaton Centre in Toronto Ontario is more likely. The series follows the cast of six sixteen-year-old friends in their first part-time jobs and teenage lives.\n6teen is focused on the common problems related to teenagers. The main characters are: Nikki, Jonesy, Jen, Jude, Wyatt, and Caitlin. They deal with first crushes, first jobs, first bank accounts and a sweet taste of freedom. Nikki finds herself stuck working at The Khaki Barn, a store where she would not shop herself, while Jen has found her dream job at a sports shop, but makes some mistakes. Jonesy manages to get fired from a new store in every episode. Wyatt falls hopelessly in love with his older co-worker. Caitlin endures the daily humiliation of working at the lowest store in the mall's hierarchy of cool \u2013 The Big Squeeze, a giant lemon.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/4da29beffd65156bcb00d658b8075ecb7e134f82f1c2d5fbf733132dc6912ddd38fc0d1aa82881\/image\/581382e2d290ae6ce50446c9acf34ae1_md.jpg"}