{"title":"Enchanted","dateDebut":"2007","dateEnd":null,"description":"Princess Giselle lives in Andalasia, a fairy tale world devoid of problems. Animals sing, and things are always happily ever after. After her \"true love\" Prince Edward saves her from a troll, she decides to marry the next day and take the throne. Scheming to protect the throne, Queen Narisa, Edward's stepmother, disguises herself as an old hag and sends Giselle to a place where happily ever after never happens-New York City!","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/c90f8a8de0efecf71f94ad85ca091b4415a15f4ba9004f744a12f8fae478544b78d517c99763f7\/image\/24839756c66d45b3839f86b884de130b_md.jpg"}