{"title":"Backdraft","dateDebut":"1991","dateEnd":null,"description":"As a child Brian McCafferty watched his firefighter father die. Years later he joins his brother, Steven in the force by becoming a rookie firefighter. There is a history of conflict between the two brothers that is heated up by working together. With this background, a series of suspicious fires are set, each made to kill a specific person. After becoming frightened at a fire, Brian pulls strings to get into an investigative office and finds that he is now not putting out the arsonist's fires, but trying to track him down.\r\n\r\n","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/950f91cdf0bd6e1f6fb3747a9b3a074c3f8705569e972e70c826d6e7dc1ab9c262acb9479e4118\/image\/b16_a46f11583f__0bc2cbe0ff.jpg"}