{"title":"Freaky Friday","dateDebut":"2003","dateEnd":null,"description":"Anna Coleman is your average teenage rebel who is constantly annoyed by her mother Tess and her older brother. Anna is in a rock band, much to her mom's objection, and Tess is about to marry her longtime boyfriend Ryan, which Anna remains unprepared for due to her father's passing a few years ago. Not to mention Anna having to put up with her school rival Stacey Hinkhouse and a teacher who constantly fails her despite Anna's good academic performance. One night at a Chinese restaurant Tess and Anna have an argument after Tess refuses to let her play in a gig on the night of her wedding rehearsal. They soon each receive magical fortune cookies which wind up switching their bodies and their roles. They can only switch back after they can spend a day learning to understand each other.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/40a02d639e2dd451401b24bcd98b3996e6229929858b9d8f72ed5a7007211a7d32c67cc354b202\/image\/b3f913e7b0150c78ef6b5ea1754a7234_md.jpg"}