{"title":"Barnyard","dateDebut":"2006","dateEnd":null,"description":"Otis is a carefree bull(with an udder) who prefers just goofing off and having fun over accepting adult responsibility. This is despite the advice of his father Ben, the leader of the barnyard where the animals stand on their hind legs and act like humans when people are not around. Ben tells Otis that someday he will have to grow up and accept responsibility. Ignoring his advice Otis goes out with his friends Pip(a mouse), Pig, Freddy(a ferret), and Peck(a chicken who can't cluck), and falls in love with a pregnant cow named Daisy. On the night of a party, Ben goes out to fight a pack of coyotes and is killed and the animals elect Otis as their new leader. Otis soon finds out that his childish fun is getting in the way of his leadership and he decides the time has come to grow up when the coyotes who killed his dad return and kidnap Maddy, a chick friend of his. Otis finally decides to set fun aside and take on the responsibility of saving his friend.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/29b9887755ba77880c2c9921ef2763630555fa65c0610815455c0abc9fbf541e6ca016f2921152\/image\/e6c6d2d6f8b292d6832519efddbcb644_md.jpg"}