{"title":"Zenki","dateDebut":"1995","dateEnd":"9999","description":"One thousand years ago there lived the powerful sorcerer, OZ-NAY. OZ-NAY protected the world from evil forces with the help of his powerful guardian deity ZENKI. Fearful that no one other than himself could control the mighty ZENKI, Oz-Nay sealed ZENKI in a stone monument within the walls of the family home.\r\n\r\nGenerations later we meet Cherry, a young sorceress and direct descendent of Oz-Nay. Cherry is still developing her powers under the guidance of her grandmother. Cherry knows of ZENKI'S powers to destroy evil and she has learned the incantation which can free ZENKI from his tomb.\r\n\r\nOne day Cherry's life is threatened by a monster created from a \"Seed of Evil.\" The only power strong enough to destroy this monster is ZENKI. Cherry summons ZENKI by reciting the magic incantation which miraculously brings the mighty guardian into this world. Although ZENKI saves her life, Cherry can barely control this fearless guardian. It is only with the power of a bracelet given Cherry by her grandmother that ZENKI is transformed into a small boy immediately after destroying an enemy. \r\n\r\nI Agree Whit Any Help , (Just Ask Me First)\r\nOpening Theme: \r\n\"Kishin Douji\" by Hironobu Kageyama\r\nEnding Theme: \r\n\"Give a smile\" by Hitomi Takimoto\r\n\r\nRunning time: half hour\r\nNumber of episodes: 51","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/002ed2d4a79d25103139ab11a0a4633e4c6a206f3d88b12743c73d3f3c00d9efbd1fd143f756d2\/image\/0571e9aa28463d54cfadd8cc68c39aa2_md.jpg"}