{"title":"Mummies Alive","dateDebut":"1997","dateEnd":"1997","description":"Four Egyptian mummies have woken up in an exhibit in current day San Francisco to protect the 12 year old Presley. Presley is the reincarnation of the Egyptian prince Rapses who knew the secret to eternal life. The mummies chose to wake up because Rapses' arch nemesis has also reincarnated, the evil wizard Scarab who wants the secret to eternal life.\r\nThe mummies call upon the powers of the Egyptian god Ra to give them the battle gear they need to take on Scarab's army of stone soldiers.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/5d769cae9aa24bf58c4eceafac4bfca5886d2ea56b3b693db4fd5f81f1733bd430455e08030b3d\/image\/8d940bab407bbc3347ec56f5f784958e_md.jpg"}