{"title":"ABC's Wide World of Sports","dateDebut":"1961","dateEnd":"1998","description":"Television's longest-running sports anthology show,\r\nshowcasing the 'thrill of victory and the agony of\r\ndefeat,' was a Saturday-afternoon staple in the 1960s,\r\n'70s and '80s Spanning nearly 40 years of athletic\r\nachievements and oddities, this brainchid of ABC\r\nprogramming pioneer Roone Arledge featured a little\r\nsomething for everyone, from barrel jumping, cliff\r\ndiving and demolition derbies to coverage of major events\r\nlike the Olympics and heavyweight-title fights.\r\nAlthough the series itself faded away in 1998, ABC\r\ncontinues to air a variety of sports programming under\r\nthe 'Wide World of Sports' banner.","leadImageMedUrl":null}