{"title":"Rupan Sansei (Lupin the 3rd), Red Jacket series","dateDebut":"1977","dateEnd":"1980","description":"Lupin the 3rd is the greatest phantom thief in the world. He never misses whatever chance he aims at. With his sidekicks Daisuke Jigen, Ishikawa Goemon and Lupin's girlfriend\/rival Mine Fujiko.\r\n\r\nThe translated series of Lupin the 3rd going though the ari waves of Adult Swim in the very late evening is what Pioneer\/Geneon translated of the Red Jacket series. (known in Japan as Shin Lupin the 3rd)\r\n\r\nThere are interesting things to note of Lupin as a whole:\r\n\r\n* The first Lupin anime series, known by many as the Green Jacket Series, was the first anime to appeal to adults in regards of its use of death and vehicles, among other things. Only 23 episodes were created and was canceled on its permier run, only to be ran successful as the series repeated itself in a later time slot. \r\n\r\n* The more common, and by far, more successful Red Jacket Series produced 155 episodes during its span, coupleing that with a more slap stick comedy approach along with the grand theft, has created the presonas that, to many are Lupin and his gang of miscreeants. This was also the first anime series to be boardcast in stereo and was notable in airing a new episode every week during its three year life.\r\n\r\n* The Pink jacket series, was more of a comedy than anything and lasted only 55 episodes.\r\n\r\n* Munkey Punch created Lupin the 3rd without confering with the estate Maurice LeBlanc, who wrote Arsene Lupin, Gentleman thief. As a result, Lupin has been in the USA already, but under names such as \"Cliff\" or \"The Wolf\" or \"Rupin\"\r\n\r\n* Despite the anime series being seemingly doomed to re-runs on the Japanese airwaves, various animation studios have been able to create yearly made for TV movies, which range from expanded episodes, to works of art. There was even a TV movie created explaining how Lupin, Fujiko, Goemon, Jigen and Zenigata first cross paths.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/0ec348733ff4731fa492904780d6b8aa20dce71013c4d28f999d06a6d60ddffb1466b7c7c4f269\/image\/6714dde4878bc5d3ffe552af99eeace3_md.jpg"}