{"title":"Gumby","dateDebut":"1956","dateEnd":"1988","description":"Gumby, the little green guy you see on t.v. He had many fun adventures with his pals Prickle the yellow dinosaur, Goo the blue blob and Pokey the red horse. All thanks to Art Clokey, the maker and creater of gumby and pals. All hand made by clay. CAST WAS GUMBY, POKEY, PRICKLE AND GOO, BLOCKHEADS, DENALI, GROOBEE, NOPEY, GUMBO, GUMBA and MINGA.","leadImageMedUrl":"http:\/\/distro-1.retrojunk.com\/secure\/02d83982ddad35951940c39878a30457d5176b5d3412eebd07646668411d3886e3d5f3\/image\/6af87bcfe8d5ae7f255bf48a2aef00f5_md.jpg"}