{"title":"The Flying House","dateDebut":"1983","dateEnd":"1984","description":"\"The Flying House\" was a sister series to \"SuperBook\" it tells the incredible adventures of a time machine named The Flying House which is a fusion between a regular house and a big rocketship.\n\nWhereas SuperBook speaks, The Flying House doesn't speak at all, the story begins when Justin Casey, Angela \"Angie\" Roberts, and her little brother Corbin \"Corky\" Roberts on which he always says \"Wait for Corky!\" on every episode was playing hide and seek in the forest.\n\nWhen all of a sudden there was a summer thunderstorm and rain poor down on them, somehow the 3 kids gotta find a safe place to relax and that's when they The Flying House, inside Justin, Angie, and Corky found a fireplace that's where they meet Solar Ion Robot a.k.a. S.I.R.\n\nWhereas Gizmo C. Robot talks with his blue light nose, his little brother S.I.R. speaks with his mouth, and S.I.R. is a clown battery type robot because of his red nose and his whole body is truly look like a battery.\n\nPlus they also meet the creator\/owner of The Flying House himself, Professor Humphrey Bumble somehow he was the one that told the kids about this half house, half rocketship type time machine the only problem is it's not working.\n\nBut all that change when Humphrey did the George Washington theory by using his Bat kite to give the house some time traveling juice.\n\nIt worked but somehow S.I.R. became a Hulk type mean robot acting all insane, the reason why is because he's been watching too many science fiction movies after that S.I.R. bump his face and that's when The Flying House began to launch and travel back into time.\n\nThey met a lot of interesting people like John The Baptist, Jesus Christ, and more.\n\nAt the same time they wanna get back to the 20th century and in the end thanks to S.I.R.'s alter ego they did!\n\n\"The Flying House\" only lasted one season but it was one of the most time traveling anime series of all time.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/c5f5f2445befa2edfd81320b1105306072f6d4589989cab2e828bd1950837517f4751efbf406e4\/image\/bc9cca83d0736871f5c71375537dfd31_md.jpg"}